Timing Clocks

Seiko Sport Timer

Professional Seiko Sports Timer with a count up/down functionality.


It comes with tripod/stand and is very portable, requires only batteries for operation, so can be located in remote locations


Easy to read digits, making it ideal for officials, competitors and spectators to keep a check on the time.


TO HIRE: Single side from £119 per day ( plus delivery charge and operators fee)

7" LED Double Sided Display Timer

Can show real time HH:MM:SS or split time. 


Large LED display for trackside or spectator information display.


Each segment is made up of a double row of sunlight viewable LEDs, making times readable at over 100m.


Display is watertight (not submersible). Case is black aluminium. Includes display, tripod, power cable, data cable.


TO HIRE: Double sided from £129 per day ( plus delivery and operators charge)